My 4YO Twins Grew Vegetables from Leftovers! It was FUN & EASY!

Here is how you can do it too!

It was one beautiful summer day. My twins and I were snacking on celery when they suddenly told me that they would like a celery tree to pickup celeries and eat them all day long. The loved the idea of having their own vegetables grown by themselves. They wanted to be the gardeners and actually produce REAL and not i imaginary vegetables.

They were shocked when I told them that celery does not grow on trees. But they were even more shocked when I told them that they can actually grow their own celery, and other vegetables in their very own home!

So, we simply ate the vegetables and used the scrubs to produce new fresh and delicious food. It was one of the easiest activities we ever did together, and one that totally blew their minds. They experienced the circle of life of a plant, right in front of them. They appreciated the time, effort and water that is required to produce food & they understood why we want to avoid food waste. And after experiencing all that, they ate so much more delicious and nutritious vegetables and they loved them!

Here is a video I made that shows how you can regrow your own vegetables, from leftovers indoors with your KIDS!

I hope you enjoy this activity and it inspires you to regrow your own food with your kids! When you do the activity, you can also send me a picture of your vegetables, I would love to see it and share it in our future videos! And as always, I am here, ask me questions & stay connected!

About Pause & Play: I create videos the Pause & Play videos, with quick STEM educational activities for young kids and parents/educators to watch and play together, in parallel to the video. I only use household items and aim for very very low cost & quick preparation so you can do it together with your little ones avoiding long boring preparations!

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Scientist, Mum, Video creator, Gamer & Storyteller! I love dogs, long walks & wine!

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