5 Activities To Do With Young Kids When You Are Bored at Home Avoiding #Coronavirus

Here are five fun indoor activities for young kids. These ideas will keep kids occupied, help them release energy & stimulate their mind.

1. Good-morning parent & child yoga

As the ancient Greeks say: Healthy mind, healthy body. Wake up, stretch, relax and prepare together your mind & body for the day to come. With some relaxing music in the background, it will a positive mood and release some of your kids energy. Plus, yoga has incredible benefits for the body of adults & kids, enhancing flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Kids yoga stories are top of our list because they combine storytelling elements increasing kids engagement. Kids yoga stories are top of our list, as they combine storytelling elements increasing kids’ engagement.

You can find many kids yoga ideas at kidsyogastories.com!

2. Cook together creatively

Including the kids in everyday cooking is practical and beneficial for everyone. The kids love tasting ingredients while cooking and they feel responsible when they get to choose what to place in their plates. Cooking also teaches many valuable skills such as following simple directions, measuring, developing fine motor skills as well as eye/hand coordination. At the same time, cooking has a social element to it as its a relaxing time to talk and bond. These celery snails are my children’s favorite healthy snack that they can design themselves. It usually takes us about 30 minutes to make our creations and two minutes to eat them! Delicious & nutritious!

Read about this and many more kids inclusive recipes at akispetretzikis.com

3. Easy STEM activities

Kids are curious creatures. They want to ask a lot of questions and they want to know everything. So easy, fun, hands-on STEM activities help kids to learn through playing while also keeps them happy and entertained for a very long time. We searched for STEM activities all over the internet but we usually had the problem of kids loosing interest before we find an activity. We eventually found “Pause & Play”: a relatively new Youtube channel that is engaging for kids and it provides ideas for fun STEM activities with very simple items that most family households have. We really love this fresh channel, the videos are quick and funny, and they inspire kids to pause and try these activities themselves.

Check out “Pause & Play”s Youtube channel.

4. Reach comics

Comics are a powerful type of media. They have so much compact information and pictures that one page of a comic can take a long time of discussion and analysis. There are so many fantastic comics to be discovered but our current favorite is “The cardboard kingdom” by Chad Sell. This comic describes the lives of a group of kids in a diverse neighborhood. It shows how each child faces different challenges among their families and the community but also, how these very different kids enjoy playing and creating together in the same ways! The kids in this comic have incredible imagination and they create unique costumes from cardboard boxes, random fabrics and crayons. This comic empowers kids to be themselves away from any stereotypes and it inspires them to use their imagination and creativity for amazing crafty products. It touched my kids so much that we moved one step further on creating our own cardboard clothes.

Find this comic on Amazon.

5. Indoor picnic:

Lunches are a challenging part of the day. Kids just want to run around the house, full of energy and completely uninterested in any kind of food that there is on the table (unless is chocolate of course!). With this indoor picnic idea, the entire meal time transforms to a play time. The kids are now interested and willing to play along! Just take any large blanket you have at home, place it on the floor and ask them to bring their favorite stuffed animals and dolls to lunch. It takes kids a lot of time choosing their staffed animal picnic guests, which allows parents some extra time to prepare the food. Once everyone sits down, kids usually not only feed themselves but also their animals.

At hoosierhomemade.com, you can read how to prepare an elegant, fun and fancy kids indoor picnic!

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Scientist, Mum, Video creator, Gamer & Storyteller! I love dogs, long walks & wine!

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