Kids with, or without reading skills, can use the book, prepare, and play with science activities independently. Each activity is also linked to a QR Code with a Youtube video. You can buy the book from Amazon US or at your local Amazon with ASIN: B08NWQZQRB. You can check the full content (PDF) here:

I am a stay at home mum of twins, previously a scientist. I wrote a book for young kids (ages 3–7). The book has simple, graphical instructions on how to set up and play with science activities at home. It allows young children, even without reading skills to decide which science activity they want to explore & to prepare & play with the activities independently. Every science activity is linked to a QR code with an engaging Youtube video. The videos offer further insights into the activities through different types of media. Our science activities use household items only aiming for a low-cost play. The book also includes suggestions on how to extend the activities and kid-friendly scientific explanations. …

This is how!

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I admit it, I love Minecraft. I love how I can create my dream house, have my very own rainbow sheep farm, and ride horses to random adventures. I love finding diamond treasures in dangerous caves and climbing super high mountains to see the views during the sunset. Minecraft was fun for me since I remember.

As a mother, I wanted to share my love for Minecraft with my four-year-old twins!

I wanted to show them, why I loved it so much! So, my husband & I created our very own family server which we used to introduce our kids to Minecraft. …

I am a scientist who switched to a stay at home mum of twins. These are five things I have learned through my first year as a stay at home mum. Things I wished I knew earlier.

Before having kids, I used to be a super busy woman with a lot going on: a career in science and many long nights working, lots of social events for networking, fitness enthusiast attending many yoga and pilates classes, holiday arrangements with my other half, and walking and playing with my young little chihuahua puppy. I loved the fast life and all that comes along with it. …

Here is how you can do it too!

It was one beautiful summer day. My twins and I were snacking on celery when they suddenly told me that they would like a celery tree to pickup celeries and eat them all day long. The loved the idea of having their own vegetables grown by themselves. They wanted to be the gardeners and actually produce REAL and not i imaginary vegetables.

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They were shocked when I told them that celery does not grow on trees. …

Without boring parental preparations???

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I am a stay at home mum of twins & previously a scientist . I spend many hours trying to teach my twins through play and the part I struggled the most, is the long preparations before an activity. It would usually go like this: I run around trying to prepare, my kids would be bored making messes or un-preparing what I prepared OR they would argue with each-other ending up in tears and uninterested to do the experiment after all my long efforts of preparation. …

Here are five fun indoor activities for young kids. These ideas will keep kids occupied, help them release energy & stimulate their mind.

1. Good-morning parent & child yoga

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As the ancient Greeks say: Healthy mind, healthy body. Wake up, stretch, relax and prepare together your mind & body for the day to come. With some relaxing music in the background, it will a positive mood and release some of your kids energy. Plus, yoga has incredible benefits for the body of adults & kids, enhancing flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Kids yoga stories are top of our list because they combine storytelling elements increasing kids engagement. …


Phoinix Durden

Scientist, Mum, Video creator, Gamer & Storyteller! I love dogs, long walks & wine!

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